Divinely Human: the Three Graces, by Natalie Voelker at SOMOS 2018

Divinely Human, 2018 SOMOS Fellowship

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self-portrait drawing workshop, working on a charcoal portrait drawing in the studio

I am honored to participate in the 2018 SOMOS festival as part of the SOMOS Artist Fellowship program. Here’s a brief description of my installation piece, “Divinely Human: the Three Graces.”

A contemporary re-imagining of the Three Graces from ancient Greece, these three Albuquerque Goddesses each stand 8 feet tall. Built of wood, fabric, panel, and paint, the Goddesses are inspired by living local woman. These seemingly ordinary women are presented as powerful and heroic, inviting us to see magic, dignity, and inherent value in the people around us. Each woman represented has chosen what specific power her Goddess embodies. The Goddesses of Inner Strength, Passion, and Authenticity ask us where and how we would like to welcome these qualities into our lives. Their garments have multiple pockets where we are invited to place personal handwritten wishes and intentions. LED candles may also be lit in place of, or along with, a wish. As the sun goes down and the number of candles increase, the piece glows with the light of our participation. This project celebrates the manifest and potential power of all women and invites us to participate in acts of recognition, respect, and reverence while also bringing a sense of wonder and magical possibility into our own lives.

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