Prelude Exhibition & Silent Auction; and Hands On Albuquerque Show | Natalie Voelker

Prelude Exhibition & Silent Auction; and Hands On Albuquerque Show

Nov 25, 2016

Prelude art auction at Harwood Art Center featuring encaustic painting by Natalie Voelker

Harwood Art Center’s Prelude Exhibition & Silent Auction

I’m honored to be able to contribute to the Harwood Art Center’s Prelude exhibition and silent auction fundraiser. My piece, Harwood Ghost #1, is a contemplation of the opportunities and limitations faced by young women in the 1930’s American Southwest. It’s inspired by the history of Albuquerque’s Harwood building – originally a school for girls built in 1920. Like lingering ghosts, the issues of agency and opportunity the piece wrestles with continue to be relevant to us today. (I’m continuing to explore these themes and history in a large scale mural collaborative installation that I’m working on with Reyes Padilla for the Harwood Art Center. More info on that coming soon!) You can get a peek at the Prelude exhibition and more information here. The auction closes with an exhibition event, Saturday, December 3rd, 6 – 8 pm, at the Harwood Art Center.

Hands On Albuquerque by We Are This City

I’m also happy to be a part of Hands On Albuquerque, a community-based art event featuring 80 local artists organized by We Are This City. You can check it out December 1st, 5 pm – midnight, at Nob Hill Bar and Grill. More information here. I’ll be there between 7:30 and 10 pm.

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