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Natalie Voelker has been drawing and painting people for more than 20 years. Her artwork pays homage to the individuality and personal experiences of her subjects. This interest in the uniqueness of the individual is also expressed in her teaching style. Natalie’s classes focus on specific techniques that allow students to expand their ability to express themselves. A warm and welcoming environment allows students to explore new concepts without fear of judgment. Individual attention and tailored suggestions encourage each student to develop skills in accordance with their interests. Natalie teaches workshops, ongoing classes, and individualized private instruction.

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“[Natalie] gently led me to a new way of integrating line, shadow, and edges so that – voila! – I saw myself grow and I learned so much!”

“I loved how [Natalie] went step by step and did not make assumptions about how much we already know or don’t know. To be honest, I would not change a thing about this workshop.”

“I appreciated the different techniques and especially the demonstrations. I loved this class!”

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